Woman, 30, Piles on the Pounds to Satisfy Fat Fetish Lovers

A London woman is piling the pounds into her bank account by cramming colossal amounts of food into her stomach and filming it for those with a fat fetish, The Sun reported Wednesday.

Sassy Thomas, 30, from the Tottenham area of the U.K capital, makes more than $3,000 a month selling videos and pictures of herself eating mountains of food while rubbing her 63-inch belly, to men who crave such action.

Thomas weighs 336 pounds.

The proud member of the Big Beautiful Woman (BBW) club, gave up her a job as a night security guard when she discovered that thousands men were willing to pay to watch BBW's eat.

Thomas, who spends $231.69 on food for herself and is a dress size 28, says, "I eat super-sized portions for a photo shoot or video.

"In the past I have scoffed three pizzas the size of dustbin lids, a Chinese take-away for four and a whole death-by-chocolate cake, with a tub of ice-cream. It's the perfect job for me. I get to guzzle my favorite foods all day, and get paid for it. I am proud of the work I do."

During a day off from work two years ago, Thomas discovered the online community that would change her life forever.

"I was feeling miserable and started thinking that there must be a social networking site for overweight women.

"When I typed it into Google, BBW Web sites, forums, dating agencies sprung up.

"It was like a whole world had opened up to me — finally I felt like I belonged to something positive and that my size was no longer a burden."

Thomas signed up for one of the forums and created a profile with a picture.

"Within minutes I had 20 emails in my inbox from men who were interested in seeing more of me. I was in demand and I felt like a goddess."

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