Manufactured Anger in the Tea Party Movement

So a Tea Party hater plans to destroy the movement, by infiltrating it and then having his pals act racist and homophobic. He thinks this will destroy the party's reputation.

Well, sure. But what a lot of work! Which leads me to believe this guy is kind of sad, in between jobs, desperately seeking approval (and possibly, some tongue) from Keith Olbermann. The dope even started a Web page, a Facebook page and more than likely holds secret meetings in a tree house in his parent's backyard. (The secret knock is based on a Rage Against the Machine song!)

It's funny because it's the Tea Parties. But I suppose it would be different if it were the woman's movement, a civil rights group or a gay parade. Then that would be evil! But because these are average, pudgy yanks pissed off about big government, they're open game.

But here's what I love: The guy's goal is to act racist and homophobic, in order to create proof of racism and homophobia! Which means, he's pretty much proved that none of it exists in the Tea Parties, if he has to go to the trouble of importing the stuff.

And, he's also invented a new way for racists to get away with being racist: Just say you're an undercover liberal.

The fact is, progressive types have been calling Tea Partiers extremists since day one. So now they must create behavior they cannot substantiate.

I'm going to do the same. I'm going to infiltrate the infiltrators and then act like them — which means I'll have to stop bathing.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe who wears mink.

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