Baby Survives Toilet Bowl Birth

An Australian baby has survived against all odds after being born four months premature in a toilet bowl, the Knox Leader reported Tuesday.

Tamara Richardson, 29, had no idea she had given birth while on the toilet in the hospital and was horrified to look down and see her newborn son floating inside the toilet bowl.

Nurses scooped the baby, named Kian, out of the toilet and cut the cord before giving him adrenalin to get his heart going.

Richardson rushed to Angliss Hospital on March 6 when her water broke just 21 weeks into her pregnancy.

The baby somehow managed to stay inside the womb for another two weeks before making his surprise arrival on March 22. Richardson said she had no contractions and no warning she was about to give birth when on the toilet.

“I didn’t even know he had come out. I panicked and pressed the emergency button,” she said.

Kain, which means warrior in Gaelic, was just 13 inches long and weighed 24.5oz.

The baby is now three weeks old, has just got over a lung infection and needs blood transfusions every few days. His brain scans show there is no damage and he is perfectly formed.

But there is still a long way to go — he faces four months in a special humidity crib until he reaches a healthy weight.

The family, including big sister Ayla, 2, is planning a big party for his homecoming.

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