Critical Sperm Shortage Drives Online Advertising Campaign

A critical shortage of donor sperm has forced New South Wales' largest IVF clinic to launch an online advertising campaign targeting male generosity, The Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

Tougher restrictions on imported sperm has shrunk already scarce supplies while new legislation, which gives children the right to know the identity of their donor father, has seen a big decline in donor numbers.

Fertility experts said there were less than 10 registered sperm donors left in NSW, forcing many of the state's 24 IVF clinics to close the books on couples keen to conceive by donor insemination.

With tag lines "you've got millions to spare, we only need one" and "a donation to us won't save a life; hopefully it will create one", the online campaign will target websites.

IVF Australia said the ads were aimed at appealing to "men's generosity" as a donation could provide couples with the greatest gift, "a family of their own".

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