Treat the Whole Country to Dinner, Stick a Few with the Bill

Do you ever look at the price if someone else is paying? Ever pull back from ordering the expensive appetizer if someone else is treating you at that restaurant?

Some do. I suspect most don't. Here's why: It's human nature not to care about the price of the skin in the game if you have no skin in the game.

And now that I've discovered nearly half of this country's households don't pay any taxes at all, it's clear they have no skin in the game either. So, little reason to worry about the price of the skin or the game.

So no wonder they don't really care how much a government program costs. It's not costing them anything. Why should they? And no wonder they don't care about hiking taxes on the rich. No one's hiking taxes on them.

Like I said, they're not even paying taxes. So it's hard to expect someone to care about costs when it's no cost to them.

That's the danger of running a government where half get it for free, and the other half, well, they just get it. And don't politicians know it. They know they can keep spending because half the country isn't paying, so likely isn't watching.

Now, that doesn't mean they aren't griping.

Some of these same folks who get a lot for nothing are the first to say they deserve a lot more, even though they're paying nothing. Like the dude being treated at the restaurant who complains about the poor service, or the cold soup, and then has the nerve to question the size of the tip left by his host.

You'd think the host would just pour the soup over that ingrate's head. But the host doesn't do that, does he? And we don't do that, do we? And we're the hosts, aren't we? Paying for all of this. Wondering how we'll ever afford this.

But the folks who aren't paying keep demanding and the politicians who have no problem with us paying; keep spending. I guess because they figure the freeloaders are their base, so keep them happy. And we're just off base, so who gives a damn if we're not happy?

That's what happens when you treat a whole country to dinner and stick a precious few with the bill: Only a few worry about the bill — the rest don't even know there is a bill.

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