Pay the Health Care Penatly or Answer to the IRS

The news that is not White House approved...

The Enforcer

A congressional analysis recently estimated 16,000 new IRS agents could be hired to enforce the new health care law.

At the National Press Club Monday, IRS Commissioner Doug Schulman explained why all that additional manpower may be needed. According to Schulman, the IRS will be taking a lead role in enforcing the individual mandate that requires all Americans to buy health insurance.

If you refuse? Well, you could lose your tax refund:


DOUG SCHULMAN, IRS COMMISSIONER: There are a number of tax provisions which our agency is responsible for. If somebody doesn't have coverage, they'll either have paid the penalty that they owe or they'll get a letter from us saying that you owe this amount.


Just what every American looks forward to: Getting more letters from the IRS in their mailbox.

Fantasy Land

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid went "On the Record" Monday night, and listen to what he told Greta Van Susteren about the popularity of the Democrats' health care overhaul:


SENATE MAJORITY LEADER HARRY REID, D-NEV.: Now that the legislation passed, it's amazing how much different people's attitude is. I mean, traveling on an airplane, people are so nice to me. We have people — and it wasn't that way before. And everybody acknowledges, with the rare exception, that what we did with immediate deliveries was terrific.


That may be the case in Prince Harry's fairytale land, but the latest Rasmussen poll shows that 62 percent of Nevada voters want the health care bill repealed.

And as for all the people that Reid claims are being nice to him, that same poll has Reid trailing all three of the top GOP candidates vying for his job. Sue Lowden holds a 15 point lead, Danny Tarkanian is up by seven points and Sharon Angle would beat him by 11 points.

Senator, maybe everybody is being nice to you because they know you're about to be out of a job in November.

Special Report

The battle to win hearts and minds is just as essential to our war effort in Afghanistan as it was in Iraq. So how exactly are our troops going about it?

Lt. Col. Oliver North is standing by with a report from Kandahar, Afghanistan.


OLIVER NORTH, FOX NEWS: Sean, we're with the 41st Expeditionary Rescue Squadron at Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan. Their mission is saving lives.

Tech Sergeant Obistar (ph), tell us how you got to be a P.J.?

TECH SERGEANT OBISTAR: First, I came into the Air Force about 17 years ago to be a dog handler. And then, after being in that field for five years, I wanted to try to go ahead and come over to rescue, so I tried out for it.

NORTH: You guys just saved a little Afghan child.


OBISTAR: Auto vehicle accidents fpr a four-year-old local national — it is a ventilated patient. It's worsening though. Who knows what we're going to get when we get there.


OBISTAR: We have to transport this intubated patient that's on the ventilator, bring him to the roll three here in Kandahar which is the higher echelon of medical care.

NORTH: His father was terrified.

OBISTAR: His father was upset, naturally. And then — but we're going to keep him onboard our aircraft and tried to provide some level of comfort for him, as well, and have him as an escort for his son as we bring him to Kandahar, which is winning hearts and minds here in Afghanistan.

NORTH: HH-60 helicopter, about $16 million. Training for the air crew, about $4 million. Training for the P.J.s in the back, a million dollars a piece. Saving the life of a wounded American or a four-year-old Afghan boy, priceless.

Sean back to you in New York.


Thanks Ollie and thanks to all our brave men and women over in Afghanistan.

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