Who Is Trying to Silence Glenn Beck's Viewers?

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GLENN BECK, HOST: I have to tell you, there is something — there is something that is amazing that you need to understand because it's a very specific plan of attack against this program since it's came on the air. But it's really not about us. It's about you, the viewer of this program.

The goal is to get you to shut up — not me, but you.

Last year, there was a fake outrage, twisted words, a political attack disguised as grassroots protests. Eventually, it led to the big reveal that, in fact, the organization that started the protest, the boycott, was co-founded by Van Jones — oh, that is weird — a close adviser to the president of the United States. That is weird.

That one worked so well for those in the White House, they're doubling down now. They're tripling down the strategy: Exact same pattern and see if you see it. Fake outrage — this time, it's about social justice with the twisted words of Glenn Beck, that Glenn Beck hates Jesus. That's it.

In fact, I saw on CBS News — or CBS.com today, "Glenn Beck's war on Easter has failed." I had a war on Easter? The supposed grassroots protest, quote, "Christians should stop watching The Glenn Beck Show.'"

Do we have that up there? Of course, the big reveal — the big reveal is — who said that Christians should do that? Jim Wallis, the man leading the charge, the spiritual adviser to the president of the United States, the man The New York Times called one of the five pastors meeting with Obama for private prayer sessions.

But, quote: "In contrast to the other four, his contact with the president has been focused more on policy rather than prayer."

In other words, this guy is a political hack using his religious background to do the president's dirty work. The Times didn't bother with that part of the story, their story — no, no, no. This is the controversy about me hating Jesus. They apparently forgot their own reporting when the same man was targeting me.

Now, another attempt, same strategy — well-produced, poorly-written Internet video that looks like a rip off of The Onion, except The Onion is funny. It's aiming to target me for being dangerous.

Oh, it's supposedly a grassroots viral video that says, quote, "Glenn Beck isn't just ridiculous. He's dangerous. Send this video to 10 friends today." All brought to you by — wait for it, wait for it — paid for by MoveOn.org civic action, Brave New Films and the Service Employees International Union — Andy Stern.

Andy, are you making comedy videos about me? You, the man coordinating White House record, you know, doing the whole health care thing? You got the record visits there. You're another adviser of the president.

Now, sure — an advocacy group based on, you know, based on scandal and health care. Them writing comedy? Not always the funniest comedy but it's more than just videos.

They've also followed pattern precisely. They've launched an attack against this show, asking members to quote, "Sign our letter to Beck's advertisers and ask them to stop supporting his dangerous brand of crazy."

Did you write that, Andy? Again, real target is clear. It's not me.



BECK: SEIU and Andy Stern, Barack Obama's number one houseguest, sent a message to their followers. They promised to e-mail this show's sponsors and tell them, quote, "They are inextricably linked to the threatening calls, racist taunts and dangerous behavior of Beck's devotes."

Really? Look at this, "Glenn Beck" — this is SEIU — "Glenn Beck and Republican violence. Tell Glenn Beck's advertisers to stop spreading hate."

Where is this really aimed? At you. Because they're accusing you of being mindless zombies, a mob of zombie people following all my magical, inaudible hidden signals to racistly threaten any public official who just walks by.

And I'm the conspiracy theorist, Andy? That's weird, huh? They say I'm riling up Americans by vilifying people, while at the same time, they vilify me by calling me a dangerous person.

They promised to change from the politics of the past. Is this it? Was the change just a higher percentage of attacks delivered over the Internet instead of, you know, in newspapers that nobody reads?

Are we supposed to believe — try this out — are we actually supposed to believe that the president of the United States is completely unaware? This guy is the number one visitor. This is his number one spiritual advisor and political adviser. He's advising him on politics and religion according to The New York Times and, of course, the green jobs "czar."

This guy is in the White House more than anybody else. Are we supposed to believe that the president is unaware of all three of these extremely coincidental and completely fraudulent grassroots protests?

Even though he's meeting with these people? They're heading up big projects for him. Over and over and over and over again, he's talking to these people. We're supposed to believe he doesn't know.

And I'm the dangerous one? Wow.

I'm not dangerous. They don't think I'm dangerous. They think you're dangerous. They think you're dangerous, not with a gun, but to their jobs. That is why they have to paint you like that.

They think you're dangerous to their power, to their money, to all of their plans for the new direction of this country, the fundamental transformation of America. You are a danger to them — not with guns. And they want to teach you a lesson.

And here is the lesson they're going try to teach you: If the guy on TV can't weather the storm, no way you're going to be able to. Oh, yes.

They want you to be convinced that you can't make a difference.

Why do you think it's so public about the election fraud with ACORN? Because your vote doesn't matter. That's what they want to you believe. Your voice doesn't matter. They need you to believe that.

They want to silence your speech by silencing my speech. They'll teach you a lesson by silencing me, they'll get to you and you'll learn your lesson.

But what they don't understand is, first of all, I've been broke before. I'll be broke again. It doesn't matter to me.

More importantly, you don't need me. This isn't about me and this show. I just happen to be the guy who is saying that on television. But millions of Americans are saying it. They think — I think that they think I'm some sort of leader and you're a zombie. That isn't it.

This is about the Founders. This is about the Constitution. This is about our children. This is about those in Washington — stop spending us into oblivion. We love our country.

You know, they don't recognize that this audience buys more books than I think any other audience. Why? Because you thirst for the truth, not because the pudgy guy on TV tells to you buy them.

Luckily, since they don't understand you, they will never see you coming. They will eventually learn that they can't beat you as long as you stay strong and as long as you stay well informed and as long as you are peaceful.

They need you — they need you — to be dangerous. As long as you remain peaceful and you just keep taking it and stand on the bridge — you stand on the bridge — the truth will win in the end.

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