Woman Gives Birth on Pavement After Hospital Refuses Medical Care

An investigation has been launched after a woman, who was 7 months pregnant, gave birth on the pavement right outside of a hospital in Jaipur, India.

Even though the woman’s husband rushed to the hospital to ask for help, she was refused medical care, and continued to writhe in pain for nearly an hour, The Times of India reported. The woman finally gave birth, but the child did not survive.

In a statement, the hospital insisted it was not at fault.

"The child died inside the womb and it was not because of unavailability of medical care,” the Zenana Hospital administration said. “There was no negligence on the part of the staff.”

Still, the state government is investigating the incident that occurred Saturday morning.

"The allegations made against the hospital administration are serious in nature and if they are found true, disciplinary action will be taken," the state minister said.

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