Study: Blondes Earn More Money, Marry Richer Husbands

Blonde-haired women may be traditionally labeled as fun-loving and less intelligent, but a new Australian study reveals they earn 7 percent more on average than women with other hair colors, The Sydney Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

They also marry wealthier men, who earn 6 percent more than the husbands of other women, the University of Queensland study revealed.

The study, which surveyed 13,000 women, found that the difference in pay remained the same even when factors such as education, height and education were removed.

No other hair color had the same effect. The research, reported in journal Economics Letters, does not explain just why blondes earned more and have wealthier husbands.

"Blonde women are often depicted as being more attractive than other women, but also less intelligent," said Dr. David Johnston, who led the study.

"But it seems the association between blondes and beauty dominates any perception that they have low intelligence. This could explain why the 'blondeness effect' is evident in the marriage market."

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