Can't God Still Bring Our Nation Back to Life?

This time of year Jews observe the Passover and those of us who are Christian celebrate Easter Sunday. I fully understand that not all my viewers believe as I do, but even if spiritual things aren't your thing, you surely can recognize and respect that for many of us, this is a special time.

My Jewish friends observing the Passover remember that when things looked darkest and most dismal for the Jews, God provided a way for His people to not only survive, but to miraculously thrive. He brought deliverance when they appeared to face certain death.

For those of us who are Christian, Easter reminds us that defeat, discouragement and even death are not the final chapters of the story. Easter is the reminder that as Christ rose from the grave and overcame death itself, so we too can face all the obstacles in our path and live beyond the grisly grave of our pain, sorrow, and failure.

A God whose power was limited to feeling sorry for us as we spiraled to our death would be a God I could do without. But we worship one who promises to do far more than accompany us to our demise, but rather to usher us to everlasting life.

Easter reminds me that there is no limit to God's ability to overcome my limit. He doesn't just hold my hand as I die, he takes me by the hand and gives me life. Through Him, I overcome.

Our nation is going through some tough times and there are many voices of gloom and doom, and death and despair. Don't count me among them. I'm not naïve as to the hurdles before us, but I'm more mindful of God's power to overcome. If he can bring a dead man from the tomb and deliver a nation from destruction which didn't have one military weapon at its disposal, then can't He still bring our nation back to life? To slightly misquote a famous and recent president, "Yes He can." And that's where my hope is: not in "Yes we can," but "Yes He can." For me that's what Easter means.

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