'Glenn Beck': What Is Freedom?

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JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO, GUEST HOST: The loss of freedom comes in many forms.

Sometimes it is direct and profound, like when the government stops you from doing what you formerly had the freedom to do, like choose your own doctor and your own health care provider or choose not to have health care insurance.

Sometimes it is more subtle, like when the government prints money to pay its bills and, as a result, all the money you already have loses some of its value.

Sometimes freedom is lost when the federal government compels the states to bend to its will and all the laws in all the states become uniform.

President Reagan was fond of saying that because the states are independent of each other and, in some areas, independent of the federal government, you can vote with your feet: If you want less government, move to New Hampshire; if you want more government, move to Massachusetts.

But if the federal government makes the laws oppressive in every state, there is nowhere to move.

Let me ask you, America: What is freedom?

Freedom is the ability of every person to exercise his own free will and conscience, rather than to be subject to the will of a bureaucrat in the government.

Our free will is gift from God and the government may not take it away.

And now, word about the season: In the Christian world, today is Holy Thursday, known in literature and art as the Last Supper. The Last Supper was a Jewish Passover Seder and it was the final meal that Jesus ate before he died.

At that supper, he performed two miracles: He transformed the bread and wine in his own body and blood and he empowered his disciples and their successors to do the same.

On Good Friday, which is commemorated tomorrow, he was executed for claiming to be God. He died that we might be set free from sin and oppression. Three days later, on Easter, he rose from the dead.

Easter has a meaning that is both simple and incomprehensible. Easter means that there is hope for the dead. And if there is hope for the dead, there is hope for the living. And we, the living, can only achieve our hopes if we have freedom.

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