Lawsuit: Woman Catches Fire During Surgery

A breast cancer patient has filed a lawsuit against a doctor in Tulsa, Okla., after she was severely burned when a fire broke out during surgery, reported.

The lawsuit claims Connie Plumlee was set on fire during breast reconstructive surgery at Saint John Medical Center last December. The suit says a cauterizing tool sparked the fire after Dr. Brad Garber used alcohol to swab Plumlee for the procedure.

"When I first woke up in recovery, a gentleman was standing over me and said, ‘Do you know what happened?' He had tears in his eyes and I said, ‘Surgery.' I was so sedated. He goes, ‘You were burned,' and that stuck with me," Plumlee told the news station.

Four months after the botched surgery, Plumlee said she is still in immense pain. As a result of the fire, her face and lips are deformed; and she said she needs “constant medical care” and may need more surgery.

An attorney for Dr. Garber told the news station they could not comment on the lawsuit.

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