Starved Baby Dies While in Care of Doctors, Social Workers

A baby boy died after being starved for days while under the care of at least nine doctors, social workers and health visitors, it emerged Wednesday.

The emaciated body of the 10-month-old boy was found in his family flat in northwest London, on March 8.

His mother, 29, was arrested on suspicion of child neglect but died two days later. She was HIV-positive and her death was thought to be the result of a rare brain condition linked to her illness.

A post-mortem examination was carried out on the boy earlier this month but the cause of his death has not yet been established, Scotland Yard said.

But an internal review by Central and North West London National Health Service Foundation, which was leaked to a national newspaper, said: "Post-mortem results on the infant showed that he had no food in his gut at all and so had not eaten for several days at least. However, there is evidence of a long period of malnourishment."

A serious case review has been launched into the circumstances surrounding his death.

The boy, who was said to have had developmental difficulties, a serious underlying health condition and a history of being underweight, was reported to have been seen at least 15 times by care professionals in the six months before he died.

The agencies involved were thought to be Westminster City Council social services, two health trusts and a consortium of London boroughs providing health visitors. Westminster council said that the baby boy and his older sister were not on its child protection register.

Source: Times of London