Glenn Beck: In Obama's Health Care Casino, Everybody Wins

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GLENN BECK, HOST: All right. We lost the health care reform battle — that's all right. You just know why the country was founded. You've got to know these principles. If you can explain them, it's great. If you can't, how are you going to fight for them?

My radio show theme says these words: "We will be the key."

If you don't like corruption, don't be corrupt in your own life: Can't preach against corruption if you're corrupt. Be honest your business dealings.

Try this one — I love this one: Don't lie. Don't lie. Don't lie about anything. Don't lie even to yourself. Hey, you're a handsome man.
No, you're not. You're fat. Get out of that.

Be honest — don't compromise your integrity. That way, people will listen to you when you speak. Everybody lies. You are going to stand out.

Just make sure you have the strongest argument as well. If you know the Constitution and the philosophies of our Founders, you will have the strongest arguments. But let's make it a little easier because there are a lot of idiots around here.

Ask your idiot friends: "Hey, you like the health care?"

Oh, yeah. I love it.

"You like going to Vegas?"

Oh yeah, I love that even more.

When they respond and say, Oh, yeah, you say, "I've got to tell that this new casino opening up where everybody wins every time."

Boy, you're kidding me.

"No. In fact, even those who don't go in and put any money down, they win."


"Yes, they're called on the phone and told by the casino, 'Come in and pick up your winnings!'"

Wow, that's great!

"How long will a business stay in the casino business?"

I don't know.

Yes, dummy.

The very same way this wonderful new health care system works that covers all preexisting conditions — that is that casino. It doesn't work.

You see, basically, the insurance industry is legalized gambling. They take, let's just say, 20 people and they are betting that maybe somebody gets a really bad case of malaria-ridden eye mumps.

And they are like, uh-oh, Number 16 has the eye mumps. Everybody's premium is going to take this guy's eyes out and have them washed. That's how it works. If you've got to take everybody who has eye mumps and cancer and everything else, there is no way to make that work.

It's weird. It's like the casino: Everybody wins, the house has to close. It's guaranteed that the house loses, that house goes out of business.

Even though Obama said, you know, you shouldn't go to Vegas and squander your earnings, they are squandering our money now by setting this up as a Vegas that just cannot win.

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