Man Left Infertile After Botched Testicle Operation

A British man was left infertile after doctors botched an operation on his testicles.

Details of the error surfaced this week after West Suffolk Hospital in England was forced to confess to the bungled operation thanks to freedom of information laws.

The patient, whose name is not being revealed due to privacy, should have had his right epididymis — a narrow tube connected to the testes — removed, but surgeons took out his left one instead.

A second operation was performed to remove the right one, rendering him totally infertile.

The hospital has refused to say if it paid the victim any compensation.

"A thorough investigation into this case was carried out by an independent consultant, who advised us to introduce an additional hospital-wide policy giving clearer instructions on marking and verifying sites prior to surgery,” Nigel Kee, the hospital's health chief, said.

"We implemented this recommendation immediately."

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