Man Eats Child's Brain to Cure Epilepsy

A Chinese cannibal allegedly killed an 11-year-old boy and ate his brain in order to cure his epilepsy, The Sun reported Thursday.

It was said that Wang Chaoxu, of Qixian village in Yunnan, southwest China, believed an old wives' tale that eating a child's brain could cure fits.

Police said the boy, Li Xuetang, was found buried three miles away in a grain field in a neighboring village.

The top of his head was peeled back and part of his brain removed.

Heartbroken mother Yu Chaohu became anxious when her son disappeared late at night.

"It was getting dark, but I couldn't find my son anywhere in the village," she said.

"I even asked the village head to broadcast on the radio to ask my son to come back home for dinner."

A few hours later Li was found, after a villager Zhang Huansheng saw a man kneeling over him, and holding him by the neck.

The boy's mother was desperate to see her son but was told the body was too badly damaged.

Yu added, "I can't bear to think about what happened to him. I have nightmares thinking about it."

Wang Wenzhong, the village leader, found two blood stained rocks in the field and some fractured bones, before the boy's body was discovered buried nearby.

Wang Chaoxu was arrested and told police he believed eating the brain with earthworms and ants would cure his illness.

Wang said he was married to a nurse, but she left him because his illness meant he was unable to work.

It was claimed a three-year-old girl, who was reported missing on the same day, may also be one of his victims.

The girl was found dead in public toilets with a knife cut to her head. Police are investigating whether the cases are linked.