Health Care Overhaul By Any Means Necessary

We're supposedly in the final push for this health care bill; they are going to try and jam it through this weekend. So the president is back out on the campaign trail, which is weird because he's already in office and he's got sweeping majorities in the House and Senate.

So that leaves Democrats as the only ones actually stopping this bill. But the president is blaming and trying to shame Republicans and the 73 percent of Americans who say Congress should "start over" on health care.

On Monday, Obama trotted out another supposed victim of the system: Natoma Canfield, a breast cancer survivor.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: You want to know why I'm here Ohio? I'm here because of Natoma.

So when you hear people say "start over," I want you to think about Natoma.

The bottom line is this: The status quo on health care is simply unsustainable.

JAKE TAPPER, ABC NEWS: What would the bill do for Natoma?

OBAMA: Well, what would have happened is Natoma would have been able to be part of this exchange, this marketplace, that gave her a choice of plans just like members of Congress have, but because she'd be part of a million people who are in a pool, her rates would be lower.


That was Jake Tapper asking the question I would have asked and the president's answer made no sense. He just described the insurance industry: There's a pool of people and now the government is going to be another company. How does that lower rates exactly? It doesn't, because they will undercut prices and put insurers out of business.

But that's not the goal — the goal is power and control. And they'll do it using any means possible.

Obama had said Natoma might lose her house because of all the bills. But that's not true. The Cleveland Clinic — who is treating her — has already said that's not going to happen and that she will be eligible for aid. And she's already getting charitable assistance as well.

If there are supposedly so many people dying because of the evil health insurers, why can't the president highlight a story that's not only a true representative of the problem, but actually true?

Remember the man Obama claimed died because his health care insurance dropped him? And the claim was untrue; treatment actually extended his life by three years before dying.

And we showed you Monday the single mother of three, who worked at Jack in the Box and tragically died. Then the unions and George Soros trotted out her son to plea for Obamacare. She is practically the case model for the government assistance we already have and yet somehow this is an example of why we need more government care?

Why is it that government is always the answer: for jobs; for health care; for education; for food?

The president wants you to derive your hope from having faith in the government to be charitable and provide everything to everyone. The truth is that no government program in existence can provide faith, hope and charity.

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