GOP Stall Tactics on Health Care in the Works?

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: I think it is safe to say Republicans don't like the Democrats' health care reform bill. So what are the Republicans going to do about it? Do they have a Plan B? One tactic could involve Republicans forcing votes on hundreds of amendments to the bill.

Republican Senator John Barrasso joins us live. Barrasso is also an orthopedic surgeon. Good evening, sir.

SEN. JOHN BARRASSO, R - WYO.: Great to be with you.

VAN SUSTEREN: What is your plan? You have got to be thinking about this.

BARRASSO: We are. We have a plan and we're not going to lay it out for the Democrats to see right now.

VAN SUSTEREN: You have a plan and not going to tell us about it?

BARRASSO: We are prepared to do everything we can, because clearly we have her the American people. The American people do not want this bill passed into law. They don't want any part of it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Let's go through the backdoor on this one. You won't tell me your plan, but suppose that the Republicans want to ask -- drag this one out. Can you just add as many amendments as you want?

BARRASSO: Whole thing of reconciliation is 20 hours of debate and then an unlimited number of amendments. They don't have to be germane, and they can go one after another. We have a plan to go and make sure the American people know what's in the bill even know Nancy Pelosi says you have to pass it first.

The bottom line is I don't think the president wants to use reconciliation. I don't think he wants this bill back to the Senate. He's planning to go overseas after, as they say, it supposedly passes the House and they pass the reconciliation par in the House, he's gone. He's going to sign that into law.

VAN SUSTEREN: Where do the amendments come in?

BARRASSO: Only after the House has to pass the Senate bill from Christmas Eve. Then the president has to sign that into law. And then this reconciliation bill then comes to the Senate to correct all of the things the House hates about the bill.

VAN SUSTEREN: If it stops dead there. If the House gets stuck with whatever they agree to then it never comes to be subject to amendments.

BARRASSO: But the American people are stuck with the bill.

VAN SUSTEREN: So are the Democrats who thought things were going to get fixed?

BARRASSO: That's why Lindsey Graham said who is the dumbest Democrat? The Republican are ready if it gets to the Senate with reconciliation. I don't think the president wants it to get there. He wants the Senate bill to become law.

VAN SUSTEREN: You think the president is going to stick the House Democrats sitting there thinking it is going to get fixed the things they don't like. If Bart Stupak and his 12 decided to go along with this, they are going to find that they're not going to get the Stupak language but the language of the Senate bill?

BARRASSO: The president wants to sign it into law the Senate bill and leave the country and never look back.

Now, that leaves the Democrats in the House in a precarious situation because they have to first vote for a bill that they don't like for good reason. It cuts Medicare by $500 billion dollars, raises taxes by $500 billion dollars. It has all of these sweetheart deal 00

VAN SUSTEREN: You guys are basically threatening them?

BARRASSO: They get to vote first. I think they would be foolish to pass this.

VAN SUSTEREN: Which is why the members of the House say the opposing party's adversary, you guys are the enemy.

BARRASSO: The Senators that gave the 60 votes to pass the Senate bill Christmas Eve, why do they want to change it? They have all their sweetheart deals in it. The House is going to be stuck out there.

People who think it is going to get better if it passes and becomes law, there aren't enough hours in the day people running for election going door-to-door for the number of doctors who are going to be visiting with patients if in exam room between now and November and those patients are going to hear what a terrible bill this is.

VAN SUSTEREN: If the Democrats in the House are expecting reconciliation, and the Senate bill goes to the White House, the president signs it and they think it will go to reconciliation but instead they are stuck, who makes the decision to stop it at that point?

BARRASSO: The Democrats in the House are -- in the Senate are going to have to try to pass it. They will probably put on a good show but I don't think they will be committed, because the Senate bill has the things they want.

VAN SUSTEREN: Which goes back to Senator Lindsay Graham, who is the dumber, the Democrats in the House or the Senate, he says.

BARRASSO: I think it would be terrible for the country if this passes and becomes law. We need to start back and go step-by-step, this bill doesn't do it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Safe to say it is not going to be dull.


VAN SUSTEREN: Senator, doctor, thank you, sir.

BARRASSO: Thanks for having me.

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