New York Woman Allegedly Tried to Whack Husband at Bargain Price

An affluent housewife in Long Island, New York, accused of hiring a hit man to off her hubby lamented she could only afford to maim him — but then was thrilled to learn she could whack him at a bargain-basement price of just $20,000, authorities told the New York Post.

That's the stone-cold, cost-calculating mentality of sick soccer mom Susan Williams, 43, who allegedly hired an undercover cop this week to whack her husband of 21 years. She was held yesterday on $1 million bail.

The twisted plot didn't surprise her long-suffering spouse, Peter Williams.

His lawyer said the woman "tortured" the poor man with sick lies during their divorce in a grab for their million-dollar Garden City home and other cushy assets.

She even allegedly turned their four kids — ages 11 to 19 — against him.

"I can't believe it took her this long" to try to kill Peter, said his divorce lawyer, Nancy Dreeben.

"She's a desperate woman, and she will just do whatever she needs to do to get what she wants. She's a narcissist."

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