Glenn Beck: Indoctrination in America

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Tonight, America, I want you to sit down and talk to your kids and hold your kids close to you. I know this sounds kind of like I'm coming off hard on the next generation, and I'm not. They're being sold a line of goods here.

There is an effort to indoctrinate them. And here we are, going through what has been happening in our public schools, what Al Gore has been up to. Even President Obama, in his own Web site, targeting our children.

Most of us are so busy or we're so trusting that we don't even notice — we don't even notice these things. We must get involved with the children's lives and our children's school. And you know what? If it's happening, sell a car if you have to. Get the kids out of this indoctrination or our republic will be lost.

Here is our president and Al Gore telling us to essentially take the parents, take them aside, your kids. Talk to your parents. Educate them a bit. Watch:


UNIDENTIFIED BOY: After 2004, I was furious and my parents didn't want to do anything. It was a little bit awkward. You're telling your parents who raised you, who have given you these talks, they need to do something different.


BECK: I imagine that would be hard. It would be awkward to tell your parents to do something different, you know, when it's been the parents who have been paying the bills, working, supporting the family, dealing with adult responsibilities for decades.

But if you look at the Obama campaign video on indoctrination - watch this. It's called "the talk." There's more:


UNIDENTIFIED GIRL: We start easily and just start saying, "So, watch the debate?" Then we'll say, "We really think what Obama or Biden said about energy is really important because we need to start fixing that now before it would be too late.


BECK: I want my kids to have this conversation with me. I encourage them to sit down and watch the debate, so we do talk about it. But not at the behest of some covert — being prompted by some campaign. Leave my children alone.

I mean, she seems bright. She seems sweet. But I mean, I don't want to doubt her knowledge of the complexities of energy policies. I'm sure that — what is she, 13?

She's learned through experience the intricacies of supply and demand, domestic versus foreign fuel, futures market, clean coal, the abundance of solar and wind power, you know, the whole battery thing. Nuclear energy options and how the price of all of this will affect her parents' budgets.

Not that I don't have confidence that she knows all of that. And I have confidence in the intelligence of our youth. These kids were born at this time for a reason. They are going to be the protectors of liberty, but only if we treat them with respect, not indoctrination.

Give my child the facts on both sides. Let them — don't teach them what to think. Teach them how to think. How to find answers for themselves. Stop indoctrinating my children.

Take a look at these posters again. I love these posters. "Students and workers unite." "Students and workers unite." Gosh, that sounds familiar. "Resist, mobilize, transform."

What does that have to do? "Resist." Who is teaching your children to resist? If anybody is going to teach my children to resist, it's going to be me. "Resist, mobilize?" My 13-year-old? "Transform." Transform what?

They don't just sound socialist and communist. They are, as indicated by the artwork. And here, the SDS symbol — Students for a Democratic Society. It's a revival of the radical socialist '60s group.

They're not just targeting those in college. They're going after your kids in high school and elementary school. Not only is this effort an overall effort to infect kids with progressivism — we have been showing it to you. It's pitting child against parent.

I mean, you know, I've been telling my producers for a while. There are many things that I believe that I shall never say, but I shall never say the things that I do not believe.

And I told them as things get worse and worse, there are going to be things that are going to come out of my mouth that you will go, "OK, you're not really going to say that." This is one of them.

Malachi, chapter four, verse six. Look at that — it's in the Bible. We're told, quote, "He shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers lest I come and smite the earth with a curse."

Let me break it down so all the progressive bloggers don't get it wrong. Here is exactly what I'm saying. If you are turning the hearts of the children against their fathers and mother, it's evil — spelled E-V-I-L. In fact, in your little blog, I'd write it in capital letters — "EVIL." It's everywhere. You just don't see it.

Let me go back and play the bold communist I've been playing this week from the Brecht Forum. Listen to what he says carefully:


JED BRANDT, BRECHT FORUM: When we say, what is your politics? I'm a socialist. I demand that we have healthcare for people. And it's not a demand that's negotiable with insurance companies.

We will take your insurance companies. We will take the farms in this country. We will shut down the military apparatus of this country. And I'm tired of being told to stuff my anger back in my pants.


BECK: I don't want to hear about his pants anymore. In this, we played it this week. He talks about, it's all going to fall apart. And they have to effect disenfranchisement — effect disenfranchisement:


UNIDENTIFIED BOY: We, the youth of the United States.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Believe our birthright has been betrayed.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Our inheritance...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Have been squandered.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We will not accept the cruel and unfair future...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Of incomprehensible debt.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Punitive taxation.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Economic disparity.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Military conflict.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And environmental disaster.


BECK: I don't know where to begin on that. I'm glad they're going to be able to solve all those things. We've only been trying for millions of years on the planet.

The birthright has been betrayed. Their inheritance has been squandered. Important. Remember, everybody gets a trophy now. You deserve it. You can grab — not my child. Their inheritance has been squandered.

Wow, I'd be hacked off as well. I mean, I tell my kids if I make money and I have it, I'm spending it all or I'm giving it all to charity. You aren't getting anything, kids. Nothing. Go out and earn it. Earn it.

If I had all of those things coming to me automatically, and somebody betrayed me and squandered it, wow, I'd be a little — yes. I'd be pissed.

But having been born in another generation and I know I'm an old man now, but in my generation, we were taught that you had to earn things, and eventually, maybe you'd obtain them.

We have been part of the problem. We need to sit your kids down if they're old enough and tell them, "Guys, the world is changing and we made mistakes." I mean it's the progressives who taught us this. They taught us to tell our kids, "Oh, no, no, no. Everybody get a trophy. We all knew — we all knew not everybody gets a trophy.

Not everybody gets a corner office. We all knew it, but we wanted to believe it because it made our life easier. I did it, too. Sit your wife or husband down. Have the talk. Have the talk with your kids.

Our kids are being brainwashed with the concept of — I've shown it to you before, earth worship. Earth worship. I pledge allegiance to the earth. Social justice. What is social justice? God is being eliminated from the equation entirely.

But let me give you the words of George Washington, "It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible." You know what? There was one thing the kids in this video had right. Our educational system is failing them.

And if you as a parent do not fill that void, fill that void with knowledge and information — nature abhors a vacuum. Barack Obama - his progressive propaganda fringe — they will fill it. They will fill it.

Grab your children. Fill it with the right principles and let them rule themselves when they come of age.

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