Airman With Shotgun Disarmed at Texas Air Force Base

A shotgun-toting airman in training at Sheppard Air Force Base is in custody after being confronted outside a dormitory.

Spokesman George Woodward says no shots were fired, nobody was hurt and the base "wouldn't issue a weapon to an airman in training."

Woodward says the base at Wichita Falls had to be shut down Sunday night during the incident but reopened Monday.

Woodward told The Associated Press that security forces received a call about a man with a weapon outside Building 776, housing male and female personnel.

Woodward says security confronted the airman and he dropped the shotgun.

Woodward says there was no immediate indication that the airman was targeting anyone. The spokesman could not confirm if the airman lives at the dorm.

Wichita Falls is about 130 miles northwest of Dallas.