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Beauty may not last forever and neither do beauty products; 89 percent of women aren't aware that many products have a "period after opening" symbol that lets you know when it's time to toss. Make-up bags can be a breeding ground for bacteria — so ladies beware of what you're putting on your face:

"The average make-up bag is a hoarding space for items that are four years out of date, a study shows. And some women hang on to items for up to 15 years past recommended use-by dates. Old mascara wands can breed bacteria that lead to conjunctivitis, which causes redness, itching and swelling."

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"Don't wake the baby" because it turns out that day time naps actually help infants remember new things. Researchers have found that developing brains retain more when sleep followed learning:

"Researchers at the University of Arizona in Tucson found that infants who have daytime naps are more likely to exhibit an advanced level of learning called abstraction — the ability to detect a general pattern contained in new information."

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The idea of a "dumb jock" is just a myth: Physically fit students actually do better academically. A new study found that test scores dropped more than one point for each extra minute it took middle and high school students to complete a one mile run/walk fitness test:

"Compared with students of desirable weight, overweight and obese students also scored significantly lower on tests, the researchers found."

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