BBC Reporter Arrested After Confessing to Lover's Murder

BBC broadcaster Ray Gosling was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of murder after he confessed on television to killing a lover who was dying of AIDS.

Nottinghamshire Police started an investigation Tuesday after Gosling’s admission on the BBC East Midlands program "Inside Out" on Monday night that he killed his young partner more than 20 years ago.

Gosling said that he would refuse to cooperate with a police investigation and would not tell detectives the name of the man he claimed to have smothered with a pillow as he lay in the hospital.

"I’m not going to tell anything," said Gosling, 70, when asked whether he had considered that he might go to jail over his admission.

"There are different kinds of law, you know. There’s a law that’s written in law books and there’s a law in your heart... Different laws carry different weights at different times."

The veteran gay rights campaigner said that the killing was in the "very, very early days of AIDS," which suggests the mid-1980s.

"They [the police] will not know when, where, not a thing," Gosling said. "What’s the point of telling them? It was a private pact between us."

The freelance presenter has denied suggestions that he made up the claim and said that he had informed some of his lover’s relatives about the killing.

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