Son: Bin Laden Worth More Alive Than Dead

Usama bin Laden is worth more to the United States alive than dead because his death could unleash "very, very nasty" attacks by militants, his son Omar Ossama bin Laden claims.

In an at times rambling interview with Rolling Stone magazine, which was conducted in part in a Damascus strip club, the terror leader's fourth eldest son said his father had already won the war on terror because he had achieved his aim of humbling the United States, and would probably not feel the need to launch more big attacks.

However he said Barack Obama's decision to increase troop numbers in Afghanistan was a big mistake that would damage the U.S. economy.

"It is like adding water to sand, as we say in the Arab world - it only makes the sand heavier," bin Laden told the magazine.

"If I was in his position, the first thing I would do is make a truce. Then for six months or one year, no fighting, no soldiers. Afghanistan can never be won. It has nothing to do with my father. It is the Afghan people," he said.

"It is going to be worse when my father dies," he added. "The world is going to be very, very nasty then. It will be a disaster."

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