School Spirit Shirt Sparks Controversy

So whenever I see someone wearing a T-shirt with an edgy message on it, I always wonder why the person never wears it where it truly matters. Fact is, a hipster never dons his stupid Che shirt in places where it might cost him some teeth or an ability to sit down comfortably.

Which brings me to one shirt, created by some students at Edsel Ford High School, in Dearborn Michigan.

Apparently, the students belong to the 2011 class and the number is said to resemble two buildings, with the school's mascot — a thunderbird — flying toward them. Printed beneath the image are the words: "You can't bring us down."

Now that's school spirit! Go flying terrorists!

Anyway, you could say the design evokes the attacks on the Twin Towers. I mean, you could say that, but then you'd probably be jumping to conclusions. I mean, those windows inside those numbers? That could just be symbolic, like 2011 being a window into your soul. That's so poetic.

And never mind that it's being reported that the boys wearing these sweatshirts are Arab-American. Linking their background to these so-called "insensitive" shirts is surely more insensitive than the shirts themselves. I mean, we need to worry about their feelings, not ours.

Now, I just read that suspensions are not planned for these kids. Good. My feeling is there should be no punishment. Instead, like I said earlier, the boys should wear the shirts in a place where it counts. I say, we start a fund to pay for round trip tickets, right to Ground Zero.

After all, a shirt is just a shirt, until it becomes a sling.

And if you disagree with me, then you're probably a racist homophobe who hates dolphins.

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