Toddler Survives After Chopstick Pierces Brain Through Nostril

The family of a 14-month-old boy who survived after falling on a chopstick, which pierced his brain through his nostril, have credited doctors for giving him a "second life."

Li Jingchao, from the Shandong province in Eastern China, had been playing when he fell over, impaling himself on the chopstick, which then lodged itself inside his skull.

His mother Zhao Guilu was in the kitchen washing dishes when she heard her son cry out in pain.

"I rushed in and saw him lying on the ground," Zhao Guilu said. "He couldn't stop crying and I noticed a chopstick stuck in his nose."

The family took the little boy to a nearby hospital for medical attention, but doctors there feared pulling the eating utensil out would cause mortal damage.

Instead, a relative offered to drive Li Jingchao, Zhao Guilu and father Li Guanglai 930 miles to the Boai Hospital in Beijing, a medical facility renowned for its treatment of head injuries.

Despite fears the utensil would rupture an artery when it was removed, it came out easily. However, experts explained if the chopstick had lodged itself just millimeters to either side, or further in his brain, it could have caused permanent paralysis or death.

Dr. Sun Wei warned the next three to five days will be critical as Li Jingchao could contract an infection following the surgery.

He also said there is a chance the 14-month-old could develop epilepsy in the future as a result of the accident.

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