Australian Woman Accused of Defrauding Financial Institution Out of $45M

This is Rajina Subramaniam, a suburban wife in Australia with an alleged taste for the high life that has left her accused of the nation's biggest ever one-person fraud, the Australian Daily Telegraph reported.

The 40-year-old Castle Hill accountant allegedly defrauded financial institution ING out of more than $45 million as she sat at her desk in their Sydney office, siphoning funds into her private accounts to fund a lavish shopping habit over five years.

Amazingly, nobody - not ING, nor her husband - had the faintest clue about what she was allegedly up to.

The extraordinary story behind the allegedly record-breaking fraud was revealed in Central Local Court Thursday, where Subramaniam made an unsuccessful application for bail.

Even her own attorney, Tim Game, described the case as "an extraordinary one."

A senior accountant at ING Australia Holdings' Sydney office, where she had worked for 20 years, Subramaniam began the alleged offending behavior gradually, the court heard.

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