Boy, 4, Partially Disemboweled by Pool Skimmer

A 4-year-old boy is recovering at home after being partially disemboweled when he sat on top of a swimming pool skimmer box.

Luke Lyson from Western Australia was in the hospital for a week after suffering life-threatening abdominal injuries, Perth Now reports.

He was partially disemboweled when he sat on an older-style skimmer in the family’s backyard swimming pool. He now has to wear a colostomy bag for several months while his injuries heal.

Luke's injury prompted a warning from the country’s Commissioner for Consumer Protection for all owners of pools with dangerous pool skimmers to have them converted and made safe.

On the agency’s Web site, it said these skimmer boxes can often be found at the side of swimming pools and may look like a seat to a small child.

The agency warns if a child sits down on the skimmer box, the immense suction of the pool’s filter pump forms an instant seal between a child’s bottom and the edge of the skimmer box resulting in horrific, and sometimes fatal, injuries.

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