Nurse Convicted of Hitting, Kicking Elderly Patients

A nurse has been convicted of assaulting elderly patients by hitting them with a pillow, kicking them onto their beds and forcing them to the ground with "controlled assistance."

Amanda Manuel, 30, of Greenwith, Australia showed little emotion as the Adelaide Magistrates Court found her guilty Friday of five counts of assault.

Magistrate Peter Snopek ruled that in January and February 2008 Manuel assaulted two women twice and a man once.

She is said to have hit one female patient with a pillow and "punted" another in the back to force her onto a bed.

He found her not guilty of two further allegations -- that she pushed an elderly man into a toilet and then dragged him several feet across the floor.

Manuel's case began in December 2008, when she was charged with seven counts of assault.

Her identity was suppressed by court order until February 2009, when The Advertiser had the ban overturned by the Supreme Court.

The identities of her victims, however, and the name and location of the nursing home in which she worked, remain confidential.

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