Researchers: Men's Preference for Long-Legged Women a Myth

It's just a myth that men lust after long-legged women, according to new research.

While most women would do anything to have a supermodel physique, those of more average proportions can take heart: Men, apparently, don't hanker after girls with legs that go on forever.

Or at least new research suggests that men's love affair with lengthy ladies is just a myth and that they actually prefer women on the shorter side.

To pin down the most attractive legs, UK researchers asked more than 1,000 men and women to rate a series of images of female bodies.

In each case the females' legs were lengthened or shortened to alter their leg-to-body ratio but their overall height stayed the same.

While most women surveyed thought men lusted after longer legs, the University of Westminster research found men preferred women of average height -- where their legs accounted for half of their overall height.

Tall women were seen by men as abnormal while extremely short women were surprisingly seen as unhealthy.

Men also said women with short bodies and very long legs were unattractive because they believed they might have trouble carrying a baby.

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