Australian Bride Takes Plunge in Creek, Gown and All

Fisherman in Australia couldn't believe their eyes when bride Kylie Keioskie waded into the water.

Dressed in a shantung satin dress with a full chiffon train and a beaded bodice, the newlywed stepped into the Boambee Creek near Coffs Harbour.

Keioskie was taking part in a "drown the gown" ceremony, part of the latest craze being adopted by newlyweds as couples look for more extreme ways to personalize their weddings.

Keioskie got the idea after viewing a video of a couple trashing their wedding outfits in a paint fight.

"It was so liberating, it was so much fun," she said. "It is throwing all the traditions out and doing things our own way."

Her dress was made by her mother-in-law, a seamstress.

"She thought it was the typical crazy thing Luke and I would do together," Keioskie said.

The event, which required her to get her hair and makeup done again, was photographed by Tom Woods of ST Images about two weeks after the wedding.

Keioskie said: "There were a lot of guys fishing. I don't think I've ever walked into the water with anything but a bikini, let alone a wedding dress."

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