Mysterious Disorder Turns Woman Into Sleeping Sex Addict

A woman from Holland suffers from a mysterious disorder that turns her into a sex addict — when she is asleep.

Belle Floor is a sexsomniac — meaning she engages in sexual acts while she is sleeping — and cannot remember anything the next day.

Her condition means she is too afraid to let boyfriends stay over in case she embarrasses herself at night.

Floor, 32, from Almelo, Holland, set up her own support Web site six years ago after doctors failed to determine what was wrong with the pretty blonde.

The condition, which causes her to touch herself intimately, is so rare that at first she struggled to convince anyone she had no control over it.

Her ex-boyfriend Justin, 47, a construction worker, could not accept it was happening without her knowledge and eventually it caused them to break up.

The softly spoken school administrator said: "Out of the blue one evening he asked me why I (touched) myself at night. I denied it because I couldn't remember ever doing it."

Floor went to a series of doctors and psychologists, who told her there was nothing they could do as they had never heard of anyone with a similar condition.

Doctors offered her medication, and she also tried hypnotherapy, sex counselling and a brain scan in an attempt to stop the sexsomnia incidents.

Muscle relaxant drugs helped for a while but she did not want to spend the rest of her life on medication.

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