Mother Reportedly Videotaped Daughter Assaulting Disabled Girl

A mother of three urged her 14-year-old daughter to assault a disabled girl while she filmed the incident, an Australian court heard Tuesday, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Footage of the 16-year-old victim's ordeal was then posted on the daughter's MySpace page, the paper reported.

The mother sat on a bench and filmed the incident on mobile phones and a camera, egging on her daughter and other teens in their assault. She is heard on the footage to yell "Smash her!" and "Punch her in the face!" as the camera closes in on the victim's bloodied and terrified face, the paper reported.

The scenes were shown to the Melbourn County Court.

The court heard that the woman, 40, got drunk with her daughter and friends aged 13 and 15 at her home before the assault.

The victim was a shy, vulnerable girl with an intellectual impairment who was often bullied at the school all the girls attended.

The group decided to lure her with offers of friendship so they could assault her. The victim was excited when she got a phone call inviting her to the woman's house. But she was taken to a park where the teens circled her and abused her. Another girl, aged 16, was called to join the attack and the four teenagers tormented the victim for up to 30 minutes, according to the paper.

The court was told the woman had abused alcohol from a young age but had now stopped drinking and had no history of violence. She lost custody of her daughter and spent several months in prison before being bailed.

Judge Frank Shelton continued bail pending sentencing this week. The teens received penalties ranging from six months' probation without conviction to 12-month youth supervision orders.

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