Smell Your Way to True Love?

Smelly monkeys have left scientists wondering if one way to find the partner of your dreams is to follow your nose, Sky News reported.

They have found evidence that a female mandrill monkey sniffs out a mate with different genes - and they think that we might be wired the same way, Sky News reported.

"Mandrills are quite closely related to humans," says Dr. Jo Setchell from Durham University's Anthropology Department, according to Sky News.

"This is an important advance in our knowledge of how mate selection works in monkeys."

"Our results support the idea that humans might choose genetically compatible mates."

Scientists, from Durham, Cambridge and Montpellier universities worked with researchers in Gabon, Central Africa to study 200 of the brightly-colored mandrills.

Writing in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, the team suggests females are using body odor to work out which males have a different genetic make up to produce strong and healthy offspring.

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