Philippines Death Toll Rises to 57, Attack Most Deadly Ever on Media

Troops have found 11 more bodies at the site of a gruesome election-related massacre in the Philippines - taking the death toll to 57, Sky News reported.

Not all the victims have been identified, but 22 of them were believed to be journalists, making Monday's attack the deadliest ever on the media anywhere in the world, Sky News reported.

Thirty-three of the victims were men and 24 were women, police said.

The government has imposed emergency rule on the province of Maguindanao, where the killings took place, and in adjoining Sultan Kudarat province and Cotabato City.

Truckloads of troops were deployed and armored cars have been patrolling along main roads.

The army disbanded a 200-member paramilitary force under the control of local officials in Maguindanao.

Investigators said they will look into allegations that some members of the force participated in the killings.

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