Secrets of Success: A Profile of Amazing People

Airs Saturday, November 28 at 3 P.M. ET with host Uma Pemmaraju.

Success is what we all want. It's in our DNA. But, how do you measure success? For this Fox News Channel special, host Uma Pemmaraju speaks with an amazing group of people who have accomplished more than most of us ever dream about.

In this episode: Country singer/songwriter Martina McBride, mega-church preacher Joel Osteen, actor/comedienne Whoopi Goldberg, entrepreneur Chris Gardner, renowned Irish flute player Sir James Galway and NBA veteran Dikembe Mutombo. They are super stars in their fields but they're also outstanding because of what they do with their success; and that may be the truest measure. Their stories are simply inspiring and for all of us, and there are valuable lessons to be learned from their "Secrets of Success." Don't miss it!