On the Road Again

The news that is not White House approved...

Still Waiting

President Obama is finally back from his eight-day trip to Asia which according to the A.P. produced, "no tangible wins for the U.S." Unfortunately it doesn't look like the president is making much progress on the national security front either.

Now the rest of us are still waiting for the Chosen One's decision on a strategy for Afghanistan, in particular, whether he'll back his own general and send him the troops that he has requested, or just cave in to left-wingers who want American out of Afghanistan altogether.

But hey, Mr. President, take your time. It's not like American lives or American treasure is at stake here. It's an important one.

Day of Reckoning?

When Attorney General Eric Holder announced Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his co-conspirators would be tried in the southern district of New York, opponents of his decision argued that the trial would merely provide a forum for the terrorists to air their hateful beliefs.

Well, the lawyer for one of the terrorists, Scott Fenstermaker, told the AP that the terrorists will, in fact, use the trial as a platform for their views.

According to Fenstermaker, they plan to tell the jury "why they did it" and they will also give "their assessment of U.S. foreign policy. Their assessment is negative."

What a shock. I wonder how this administration feels about opting for a terrorist dinner theater rather a true exercise in justice. Pretty unbelievable.

Dump Dodd

Before Senator Chris Dodd cast his vote for health care on Saturday night, he got an earful from some of his constituents back home. More than 80 protesters greeted Countrywide Mortgages' favorite senator outside of a Litchfield, Connecticut restaurant.

According to the Register Citizen newspaper, Dodd was in the area to give a speech to Democratic Party officials. But I'm sure it was hard for the senator to ignore some of his most vocal critics outside the event. As a matter of fact, I'm positive.

Let's take a look:


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There's a list of things that Dodd is on the wrong. It's not just any one. You can't trust him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's like the Prehistoric Age with Dodd still doing what he's doing. And now that I'm paying more attention to it, I'm happy to be out here. I am motivating other people to do the same.


Judging by the latest polls that show Senator Dodd trailing his Republican challenger by double-digits, I'd say those concerned citizens may very well get their wish.

Protecting Their Own

Thousands of e-mails taken from a well-known climate change center are not only raising doubts about man-made global warming, they are also calling into question the group's ethical practices.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the e-mails were hacked from the Climate Research Unit in the United Kingdom. And the documents appeared to show that the group worked very hard to suppress any data that could prove humans are not responsible for global warming.

But don't expect to see those e-mails published by The New York "Obama" Times. The Weekly Standard reports that the Times.earth blog is refusing to print the e-mails because, "the documents appeared to have been acquired illegally," and the information was, "never intended for the public eye, so they won't be posted here."

That's funny because I recall The New York Times was more than happy to public classified information about terrorist surveillance programs so I guess the paper is more concerned with pleasing their left-wing constituency than about keeping America safe.

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