New York Man Sues City After Medics Throw Ear in Trash

A man from the Bronx is suing New York City after emergency workers tossed his ear, which was ripped off by his son's bull terrier, in the trash, the New York Daily News reported.

The lawsuit filed in Bronx Supreme Court says emergency services workers placed the large chunk of the upper ear that had been ripped off of Eduardo Garcia, 67, on ice, but threw it in the garbage after arriving at Montefiore Medical Center.

"Now he's got a deformity," Garcia's lawyer, Andrew Friedman, told the Daily News. "They deprived him of an opportunity to have treatment."

Hospital records say the ear was thrown out because there was a "potential risk of contamination or infection" if it was reattached.

Friedman argues that Garcia should have been given the option to rebuild his ear, but was left with 22 stitches, two staples and a life without a lobe.

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