Burn Your Bra: Doctor's New 'Internal Bra' Means Never Having to Wear One Again

An Israeli plastic surgeon has developed an "internal bra" that will give women the kind of lift and shape they want without having to wear a bra, London's Daily Mail reported.

Dr. Eyal Gur designed the "Cup & Up" device, which takes 40 minutes to insert in an outpatient procedure.

"We've shown that that with a very small operation it's possible to give a woman an internal bra that she can have for the rest of her life," Gur said, adding that women won't need any additional support, unless they are playing a sport.

The "cup," which is made of silicone, is inserted under the skin with a small incision. Doctors attach "straps" in between the breast and shoulder to hold the "cup" in place.

The bra is made by Orbix Medical, and manufacturers said the surgery is less expensive than traditional breast augmentation.

Recently, a woman underwent the procedure as part of a trial, and told doctors she was thrilled with the results.

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