Police chased down a man who allegedly robbed a First Merit bank in Ohio on Thursday, but it was not the chase or the robbery that caught the public's attention, Fox8.com reported.

A dashcam video on the police cruiser captured alleged robber John H. Ford, 35, of Cleveland, eating a piece of paper as he was handcuffed. A police officer had pulled out the piece of paper from Ford's pocket and placed it on the hood of the car.

Ford is seen eating the paper which police believe might have been the note that he allegedly showed to a bank teller, Fox8.com reported.

The bank teller told police that the robber presented a note, but did not pull out a gun, Fox8.com reported.

Police found a gun and cash in Ford's car, but they did not find a note. Police now think that Ford ate the note so that authorities could not read it, Fox8.com reported.

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