Rocket Hits Luxury Hotel in Afghanistan Capital, Injuring 4

A rocket hit outside the luxury Serena Hotel in Afghanistan's capital late Saturday injuring four people, including a police officer and an Afghan intelligence agent, Fox News has confirmed.

The Ministry of Defense was reportedly holding a meeting at the hotel and could have been the target. The heavily guarded Serena Hotel, about two miles from the U.S. embassy, regularly houses visiting diplomats, officials and international workers.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

In Saturday's attack, a rocket hit low on the outside of a compound wall that rings the hotel, just behind a guardhouse, according to an Associated Press reporter who saw the impact spot. Rubble surrounded the area, but there was no large crater.

Dozens of police and army officers worked to secure the site as ambulance sirens wailed.

The attack comes just two days after the inauguration of President Hamid Karzai to a second term with dignitaries from around the world in attendance, including Secretary of State Clinton.

Janagha Duragat, a shopkeeper who was waiting outside the hotel to load his merchandise into a car, said he saw the rocket strike the wall. He said it appeared to have been fired from a nearby footbridge.

It has been the target of attacks before, most recently in late October when a rocket slammed into a courtyard.

In January 2008, militants wearing suicide vests stormed the hotel in a coordinated assault, killing seven people — a strike that demonstrated how militants could launch deadly attacks on even high-security targets in the capital.

Fox News' Greg Palkot and the Associated Press contributed to this report.