Horror Show: Movie Popcorn = 3 Burgers + 12 Pats of Butter

The food at movie theaters is scarier than "Nightmare on Elm Street," a frightening new study reveals.

The double-features of artery-clogging tubs of fatty-fried popcorn and sugary, super-sized drinks — not to mention high-calorie candy — is nothing short of a health hazard, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

It sent food from three national theater chains to a lab and found they may have to soon start installing extra-wide seats.

The worst offender, the study found, was Regal Cinemas, where a medium popcorn contains 1,200 calories oozing with coconut oil and saturated fat.

The lab calorie counts were higher than claimed by Regal. The company said its medium popcorn has 720 calories.

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"Oh, well. What's an extra 200 to 500 calories when your snack hovers around the 1,000 calorie mark? They don't call them tubs for nothing," the study said.

The analysis doesn't include the buttery-like soybean oil topping that packs on an additional 200 calories. A medium, 44-ounce soda at Regal includes 400 calories and 26 teaspoons of sugar.

A medium popcorn and soda pack on 1,610 calories. That's like eating six scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, four bacon strips and four sausage links.

"Suggestion: Move your cardiologist's phone number to your speed-dial before the lights go down," said Jayne Hurley, the group's senior nutritionist.