U.K. Rabbi Allegedly Supplies Prostitutes Drugs in Exchange for 'Sexual Favors'

A rabbi in the U.K. set up a business as a drug dealer and lavished his supplies of cocaine on young prostitutes at parties, a jury was told today, according to the Times of London.

Rabbi Baruch Chalomish, 54, bearded and wearing a trilby hat, shared the dock at Manchester Crown Court with an interpreter who occasionally translated the barristers’ words into Hebrew.

He was said by the prosecution to be a wealthy man who took up with Nasir Abbas, also 54, a convicted dealer, who had the "know-how" and the contacts in the drug trade. The rabbi was the financier in the operation, the Times of London reported.

They set up their "commercial cocaine supply operation" in a hotel service flat in Shude Hill, Manchester, where, it is alleged, Rabbi Chalomish liked to dispense the drug in return for “sexual favors," the paper reported.

Rabbi Chalomish, a part of Greater Manchester’s Orthodox Jewish community, denies two charges of supplying cocaine but admits two counts of possession. Abbas, who did not turn up for the trial, faces similar charges of possessing the Class A controlled drug with intent to supply, the paper reported.

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