U.K. Court Finds 2 Teenagers Guilty of Bullying Girl to Death

Two teenage girls in the U.K. were found guilty Wednesday of causing the death of a vicar’s daughter who leapt from a window - but were told they have been forgiven by the dead girl's parents, the Times of London reported.

Kemi Ajose and Hatice Can, then aged 17 and 13, bullied and beat up Rosimeiri Boxall, 19, just before she died in May last year, the Times of London reported.

The prosecution at the Old Bailey said she plunged from the third-floor window to escape their abuse.

Ajose, now 19, of Charlton, southeast London, and Can, now 15, were found guilty of Boxall’s manslaughter. The younger girl can be named for the first time Wednesday after the judge lifted reporting restrictions, the paper reported.

She and Ajose had blamed each other for telling Boxall to jump when she climbed up to the window after she was attacked.

As she lay dying of multiple injuries, Can picked up Boxall’s mobile phone and, after throwing it back down, said: "Serves you right, b----," the paper reported.

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