Pickup Tips From 'Mad Men'

There is something unique about the men of AMC’s "Mad Men;" they have an old-school approach to business and social situations that isn’t clouded by over-thinking, emotion or the possible consequences of their actions. Why should they care? They are kings of the industry and men who are paid unbelievable amounts of money to sell their ideas.

Much can be learned from their triumphs and tragedies, but nowhere are the lessons more important to the average guy than in their encounters with the opposite sex. This is why we’re letting you in on some stellar pickups tips from "Mad Men."

Picking up women isn’t that much different now than in it was in the 1960s. Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Pete Campbell, and the Sterling Cooper crew have the run of the office and the pick of the secretarial staff. The way in which a man approaches picking up women has changed drastically, however. Chasing women around cubicles in today’s office environment would get a man booted out the door and onto his fresh-pressed suit faster than he could say "Canadian Club on the rocks."

Still, the gents of "Mad Men" definitely know how to handle themselves in front of the opposite sex (pee-pants Freddy Rumson excluded), which is why we’re letting you in on some pickup tips from "Mad Men."

What the group does have in spades is that long-gone male mystique that existed in a time before men metro-ed up, became sensitive and attentive, moisturized, and were sober for long periods of time. The "Mad Men" crew appears powerful, dark and mysterious, while at the same time engaging and in-control. So, there are definitely many lessons today’s men could learn from them about courting the opposite sex.

Read on to learn some valuable pickup tips from "Mad Men."

Be a Man

Women want a man. As much as they claim to want guys in touch with their feelings or the glamour boys they see as contestants on The Bachelorette, they really want someone to protect them and to be in control. This starts with your attitude and appearance. Look like a man. Wear shirts cut to fit your build. Use lifts to appear taller. Get a real haircut and leave it your natural color. Bring back some of the old-school acts of chivalry that made men; open a door, buy flowers and compliment her because you mean it. And don't be shy to talk about the manly things you do, like fixing sinks and shooting birds.

Speak Without Saying a Word

Learn to control your nonverbal cues; they often give you away long before you even say "Want to grab lunch?" to a woman. Keep heavy (borderline uncomfortable) eye contact. Speak when only there is little alternative. Learn to say things that are vague. Answer a woman’s question with a question. Make every action deliberate and noticeable, almost in slow motion. Talk in short sentences. Don’t say too much. Don’t give away too much.

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Give Backhanded Compliments

Notice that throughout all of their conversations with women, the Sterling Cooper crew makes jokes veiled in a bit of truth. They like to hand out compliments to women like tag lines to commercials, but always find a way to knock the women back to earth. The key to the Mad Men strategy is to build her up, and occasionally knock her back down. Say something rude and then something nice as a follow-up. Become a master of the backhanded compliment. It’s actually a well-known move in pickup artist circles, so you’ll be playing the game with the best of them.

Initiate Physical Contact

Whether you’re leaning in to light a cigarette, playfully tapping her on the arm, rubbing her shoulder, or picking a phantom piece of lint off her sweater, think of any reason to initiate physical contact. The simple touch was much more taboo and seductive in the times of less skin and more layers, but it’s still a nonverbal indicator to display affection while also gauging the interest of the opposite sex. Find different reasons to touch a woman in social and public situations. Don’t make it too long or too inappropriate, and gauge her reaction.

Mad Pickup Skills

Of course, the gents from Mad Men don’t always set the best examples, but their pickup techniques definitely get them more ladies than the average guy. So, try these tips on a gal of your choosing, and you’ll see that modern-day women and those from the ‘60s aren’t very different at all.