French Police Say They Thwarted a Boy, 13, Planning to 'Kill All His Teachers'

French police believe they have averted a school massacre after arresting a 13-year-old computer games enthusiast who was apparently planning to shoot dead teachers who had given him poor marks, the Times of London reported.

Prosecutors in Beauvais, 60 miles north of Paris, were convinced that France had escaped a possible mass shooting of the type suffered several times in the U.S. and recently in Germany and Finland. The incident raised questions over violent online games.

The boy, from a middle-class home and named only as Bastien, was arrested in Beauvais on Tuesday morning hours after leaving home at Allonne, a nearby village, taking his father's shotgun and cartridges, the paper reported.

His parents were suspicious about his unusually early 7 a.m. departure to Saint Esprit college, his Catholic private secondary school. They called police after finding a note on his blog saying: "This is my last message because Tuesday November 17, 2009 will be the last day of my life. Sorry to leave you...," the paper reported.

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