Fox News Reporting: Pirates of the 21st Century

Somali pirates continue to cause terror on the high seas. Currently there are at least 11 ships being held along with more than 200 hostages. They have turned piracy into a multimillion dollar, well-organized business.

“Fox News Reporting” travelled the globe to find out who the pirates of 21st century are and how they are getting paid. Some of the money is reportedly helping to fund the radical Islamist group Al-Shabab, who are linked to Al Qaeda. Reporter Greg Palkot followed the money trail to Kenya in Nairobi’s “Little Mogadishu” and tracked down a pirate named “Milksucker.”

VIDEO: Fox News Reporting on Pirate Threat

Reporter Amy Kellogg takes you inside the terrifying two-month hijacking of the Danish ship the CEC Future. You’ll see exclusive video of the actual ransom money drop and hear firsthand accounts from the ship’s Russian captain and owner. In Djibouti, Kellogg met with a man named Ali Ali, who negotiated on behalf of the pirates.

And Martha McCallum sat down with James Christodoulou, the first American ship owner to be pirated in the Gulf of Aden. His ship, the MV Biscaglia, was hijacked last year along with its 28 crew members. In this heartfelt interview, Christodoulou talks about how the 56-day ordeal affected him and the crew’s families.

Fox News Reporting will air Nov. 21 at 10 p.m. ET on the Fox News Channel with host Geraldo Rivera, featuring reports by Amy Kellogg, Greg Palkot, and Martha MacCallum.