Body of Kidnapped British Journalist Reportedly Found in Lebanon 23 Years Later

British investigators are hopeful that a body recovered from the eastern Bekaa Valley could be the remains of Alec Collett, a British journalist who was kidnapped and executed by a Palestinian group in 1986 during Lebanon’s civil war, the Times of London reported.

A military and forensic team led by the British embassy in Beirut is excavating an area near the village of Aitta al-Fuqar in the southern Bekaa Valley. The site was the location in the 1980s of a base belonging to Fatah – The Revolutionary Council, a radical and violent Palestinian group headed by Sabri al-Banna, better known by his nom de guerre Abu Nidal.

On Tuesday, the team unearthed the remains of two bodies, one of them an unidentified woman who reportedly was buried 20 years ago. The other body is undergoing DNA tests to see whether it is that of Collett, the Times of London reported.

A spokesman from the British embassy said: “The excavations are still continuing,” the paper reported.

Lebanese troops have sealed off the site, about the size of a football pitch, to reporters and onlookers.

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