New Chocolate Will Help You Lose Weight

It's the news all chocolate lovers have been waiting for — a type of chocolate that helps you lose weight is about to go on sale.

The new variety — called Lola chocs — is 100 percent natural and tastes exactly like normal chocolate.

But the big difference, according to its makers, is that the recipe includes ingredients which stop a person from feeling hungry.

It is made using cocoa from Peru and Santo Domingo and has been created by a Spanish company called Covcoa BIO.

The chocolate has an unusual green tinge to it, which the company says is due to the microscopic algae they used in creating it.

This algae contains nutrients like vitamins A and B12, which help you lose weight.

The manufacturers say special amino acids in the Lola chocs trick the brain into believing you are full, which stops you from over-eating.

"People should eat one or two chocolates around one hour before a meal," said one of the creators, Armando Yanez.

"It has an intense flavour and extremely high antioxidant properties."

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