Woman Who Has 300 Orgasms a Day Meets Dream Man

A woman with a medical condition that gives her 300 orgasms a day has found the man of her dreams after she wore out a string of boyfriends.

Michelle Thompson, who suffers from persistent sexual arousal syndrome, thought she was just too demanding for men and would never find the man of her dreams.

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But she has been with her neighbor Andrew Carr, 32, for the past six months and he's as keen for sexual intercourse as she is. They make love 10 times a day.

"Andrew has changed my life. I'm no longer looking for a cure for my orgasms - I've found it," Michelle told The News of the World newspaper in the U.K. "Now I have a huge grin on my face all the time, and it's not just because of the orgasms."

Women who suffer from persistent sexual arousal syndrome experience spontaneous orgasms throughout the day, which may or may not accompany sexual activity. Many women describe the condition as debilitating and embarrassing.

Michelle's rare condition means she always craves sex and can climax at any time.

She even had to quit a job in a biscuit factory because the machines kept setting her off.

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